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Siccura Cybershield trains employees and turns them into human firewalls.

Get Employees Engaged

To protect your company’s data, it is important to invest time and money into a creating a security-conscious workplace culture. The key to creating this type of culture is to empower employees to realise that they’re an important part of the company’s cybersecurity plan, and to show them what they can do to become an effective human firewall.

Your Employees Into

Human Firewalls

No technology software can solve all security risks. Companies must ensure that they’re not just investing in technology, but are also creating a security-conscious workplace culture. The key to securing users is to empower them, and make them realise that they’re an important part of the company.

Building a human firewall is more than just providing a one-off security training, and it’s more than telling your users what’s bad.

A human firewall seeks to stop humans from being the weak point in organizational security by upgrading users to think securely. That’s why we do our best to make the training fun and engaging.

The components to becoming a human firewall involves; educating employees, minimising human errors and being ahead of new threats. All of this cannot be done without raising awareness to your employees to an extent that they become a solid line of defence against any threats that could leak business data.

What Siccura Cybershield Offers?

Report Emails with a Single Click

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End users can report suspicious mails with a single click to one or multiple email accounts.

Threat Mitigation

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The Threat Mitigator is a revolutionary approach to eliminating e-mail risks. It supports security admin in shutting down attacks.

Positive Behaviour Reinforcement

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Siccura Cybershield provides positive behaviour reinforcement by showing gratitude to your employees for doing well.

Identify Attacks With Common Patterns

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Apply Siccura Cybershield’s filters to detect common attacks against the business. Search within all reported emails for similar indicators.

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Turn Your Employees Into Human Firewalls.

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