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Siccura Cybershield

Train Employees

Siccura Cybershield trains employees to become data security aware.

Close Employees Knowledge Gaps

Siccura Cybershield offers more than 200 interactive web-based training modules on a variety of security topics. These can be given to employees based on the results of their performance during simulated mock attacks, or independently.

Through the LMS module, employees will be able to manage their own learning. 

Interactive Learning with Siccura Cybershield

Keep employees trained to be vigilant and aware of how to deal with any type of attack at work. 

Reputation Based E-Learning

Train employees according to their skills. Measure and create friendly competition between employees.

Awareness Education Diploma

Award employees once they have completed certain training modules.

Rich Media Awareness

All learning materials are created from a video, audio or other format to enhance the engagement levels.

Online Library

Access a training library where employees can read through various course content, whenever and wherever they are.

Stages Of Learning


Evaluation is an essential first step in developing your wider security program, and it applies to security awareness training too. Assess the major risks that you want to tackle. If you’re in a regulated industry, you’ll want to include compliance requirements. Work out precisely what training is needed to meet those requirements.


A strong security culture starts at the top which promotes the belief that security is everyone’s problem and responsibility. When the culture says that security belongs to everybody, the IT department is no longer fighting the battle solo. To launch a program, we start by assessing the needs and only then we begin creating the content.


All policies, guidelines, and standards related to the employee (User) must be analyzed. Those policies must be incorporated in the awareness training content at a later stage.


The phishing simulation can be combined with services. These services help the company to better assess the risk. Here are a few examples:
Customer Awareness Training: We may also work with marketing personnel and web developers to ensure an adequate mix of identity theft prevention education is distributed to customers in the form of flyers, web page elements, and public announcements.


Most companies will start with an annual training program, and training specifically for new hires is the required minimum. A successful awareness program is not a one-time activity, nor is it a once-a-year activity. It needs a regular, ongoing schedule that includes different types of activities delivered at appropriate intervals—some may be monthly, others quarterly or annually. The content should be mixed up and relevant to seasonal threats, where applicable. For example, e-cards can prove to be a tempting click right around Valentine’s Day, so make sure your staff know what suspicious signs to look for.


When you put in place a new security system, you always want to test it to make sure it’s working properly; you should think about security awareness training in the same way. You may want to include relevant questions as part of your training content. Ending each section with a test is a good way to determine whether your staff have garnered the key information. For example, you might consider sending out a mock phishing e-mail a few weeks after your training to see who falls victim to it.

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