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Siccura Cybershield

AttackTest Your Employees

Create mock tests to help your employees to test their knowledge on how well they can identify cyber-attacks.

A Safe Learning Environment

Siccura Cybershield gives you a safe learning environment where employees can experience what real attacks would feel like. Through a set of predefined attacks, you can test whether your employees really are familiar with internet dangers.

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Go Beyond Phishing​

Set up more than just a simple Phishing attack. Give your employees the full threat landscape through simulating attacks at any time.

Portable Media Attacks

Hackers can now use portable media drives to gain access to sensitive information stored on a network or computer.

Data Entry Attacks

Data Entry attacks include one or more web pages that intercept the information that is put into forms.

Spear Phishing

Create variables from gender, time, name, e-mail and links which you can use in messages.

Mail Scanner

Do you want to know how many e-mail addresses in your company can be found on the web? Use Mail scanner to find out what a hacker already knows about your business.

Mixed Attacks

Attack employees with a combination of scenarios to see if they are vigilant.

Hyperlink Attacks

Send employees an email that contains a random tracking URL.

Tailor Made Attacks

Create mock tests according to different industries and departments within your company.

Are your employees really familiar with cyber-attacks?

How Does It Work?

Attack Or Educate First?

Decide whether to attack first and then educate or provide the training first.


Decide when to initiate the attack. Plan your attacks throughout the year to keep your employees on their toes.


Adjust the number of times you want to attack based on the perceived threat.


Think about when to initiate the attacks during the week. Capture them at their most vulnerable or when they are the most alert.

Follow Up

Console your employees with a follow up communication informing them of the reality of attacks and what is expected of them in return. If you have repeat offenders, have a discussion with them. Put them on training sessions.

Start Building Your Defence

Turn Your Employees Into Human Firewalls.

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