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Siccura Cybershield

The most interactive

security awareness training programme

The most interactive data protection and security awareness training programme that allows businesses to measure and improve the data security awareness of employees and test the IT defences.

  • 250 Customizable Modules
  • GDPR & DSGVO Compliant
  • Games, Videos, Exams, Posters, Offline

Test, Train And Engage Your Employees

Siccura Cybershield provides organisations with an effective awareness training program. Adopt the role of an attacker, identify problems in the existing IT infrastructure, and resolve it through a comprehensive e-learning program to build a more resilient and data secure organisation.


Attack Simulations (e.g. phishing)


Malware Simulation & Scanner


Integrated LMS
(Learning Management System)


Risk and Learning Analysis


Reporting System
(e.g. Mail Phish Button)

Why Siccura Cybershield?

To Beat CEO Fraud.Phishing.Cyber Attacks.

Employees are the first line of defence in any organisation, yet they are the weakest against data breaches. You could be the CEO, or the assistant. Your title is important to any hacker. Having firewalls and anti-virus software is important, but having employees deal with emails, internet, portable devices etc, also contribute to security. Time to take control of how your employees tackle the challenges of ensuring business data is secure.

Time to use Siccura Cybershield.

What Siccura Cybershield Offers?

Data Protection

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No matter where you install Siccura Cybershield, privacy is ensured. Siccura Cybershield complies with the strictest data protection regulations.


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Siccura Cybershield covers the entire spectrum of attack methods that go far beyond simple phishing. Attack methods and learning content are constantly updated in Siccura Cybershield.


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Siccura Cybershield offers features in areas of Testing, Assessing, Engaging and training employees.


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Set up Siccura Cybershield within minutes. Run Siccura Cybershield on common platforms such as Windows or on our own dedicated server.

Start Building Your Defence

Turn Your Employees Into Human Firewalls.

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